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Nathan Kato-Wallace. Vice Consul. United States Consulate Guangzhou.


Vice Consul Kato-Wallace was born and raised in Iowa and Nebraska in the American Midwest. He joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 2012 and is currently serving at his first post, Guangzhou, as Environment, Science, Technology, and Health Officer. Prior to this he was working as a health economist in the fields of HIV/AIDS and Family Planning.






Cowboys, Indians, and Dead Buffalo: The Rapid Expansion of the U.S. from 1800-1850.


Vice Consul Kato-Wallace will discuss the history of the U.S. expansion: from 13 newly independent states on the Atlantic coast to a nation that spans from sea to shining sea. In the process he will touch on American icons that still resonate today; the lone cowboy on horseback, the proud, defiant indian, and the multitude of settlers who crossed the empty plains in search of a new life. Along the way Napoleon sells some land, Texas becomes its own country, and California gets its start as the Golden state! A look at this period of time will give the audience an insight into the American spirit that still drives the U.S. today, as well as an understanding of the mistakes that were made as cultures collided on the Great Plains.